Flarum Support

All in one community support software​. Our software turns your Flarum community into a real support platform with no limits.

Flexible knowledge base

Did you write super cool software and are you currently using Flarum discussions as a ‘knowledge base’? Or are you looking for an online community platform and you just want to have all your customer service options available on only one platform? Then this extension comes to your rescue!

This extension turns your (new?) Flarum community into a real support platform.

Flarum Support Knowledge base

Fully customizable

Our extension will make sure your customer recognizes your knowledge base from miles away by using your brand colors that you have set as default. You are able to hook into ready to use classnames and change what you need.

When users are searching you can help them by changing the default texts to something useful, or simply change the Emojis from te article rate widget.

Article ratings

A knowledge base has one clearly defined purpose: provide users with easy support for your product or service. To know if your content is really helping users it is important to know what they think of your help content. 

Our article rating system can help you with that. With the article rating system we deliver an easy to use but powerful feedback system for all your articles.

Fully integrated with Flarum permissions

Our software is written in a way it fully integrates with the original powerful Flarum permission system. You can decide who can write your knowledge base articles, who can view article audit logs and who rate your articles.

Restrict or open up.

Audit logs

It is important to have an watchfull eye on your knowledge base. Audit logs deliver you a second pair of eyes. With our audit logs you can see what happened with your knowledge base article.

Easy to use, easy to watch.