This is us

Founded in 2017, but the story does not end there.

We are V17 Development. Officially registered on the 17th of Februar 2017. Yes, that are a lot of 17’s. But that’s not what our name means. V17 Development stands for digital delivered services and products. But how did it all start? Why did it all start and how’s it going now? V17 Development (later called V17) is the brainchild of 2 young entrepreneurs. Both interested in programming and both interested in making the internet a better place. Not an easy task at all. We know we can’t improve it for everyone, but we sure as hell will try.

We’re not a company based on formalities. We like to talk casually which probably didn’t go unnoticed. After a lot of thoughts we decided to found a company. V17 was the result. But why the name V17? It’s a funny story: the domain name was free. That’s really all to it. Short and easy to remember. V17 Development was born. At first we created a few sites for customers. We still deliver this service to thoseexisting  customers, but we now focus on creating great digital tools to help everyone with just a click of a button.

We create four amazing Flarum extensions. We see a future in the newly developed Flarum forum software. We offer the Flarum SEO plugin which creates a solid base for SEO optimalization for your Flarum forum. The best of all is that this extension is free. We believe that every site deserves a good foundation, and SEO is a part of that. To make your Flarum forum even better we offer Flarum Support. This is an extension which makes part of your Flarum forum a support platform. 

We also offer Domainastronaut. This online platform has one simple vision: make creating and managing domain names easy and fast. No sign in procedures and no messy interface. With just a few clicks you can absolutely manage every aspect of a domain name. Made for developers by developers, but of course ready for everyone to use. With modern technologies and lightning fast servers we love to be you of service.

V17 strives to create great digital products.

That's us! Now it's your turn!

Tell us more about you. What can we do for you? What are you hobbies? We’re open for everything you have to tell us. Just send us an email or click on the button below. Let’s talk!